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Dear Musician,

We thank you for choosing W. Schreiber.
We know your instrument is precious and deserves respect and the best of care.
Below are simple instructions regarding your instrument’s use, its maintenance and its guarantee. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact any of our resellers for advice.

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Contractual Guarantee Granted by W. Schreiber

1. All W. Schreiber instruments are covered by a two (2) year guarantee upon the date of purchase, against all manufacturing or material defects.

2.The contractual guarantee granted by W. Schreiber does not cover:

  • a/ Damages caused by an external event (such as mold due to atmospheric conditions or corrosive effects due to sweat or saliva), nor parts subject to wear and tear such as pads
  • b/ Damages caused by an improper use of the instrument, meaning the disrespect of care and maintenance instructions
  • c/ Damages due to any physical influence
  • d/ Instruments handled by a non-authorized person, prior to the guarantee claim

3. The guarantee becomes effective from the date of the instrument purchase, as mentioned on the invoice issued by the seller. The client is advised to fill in this guarantee registration form on the website (section “Register My Instrument”), immediately after the purchase.

4. Any guarantee claim shall include a copy of the invoice, and shall be sent, within four (4) weeks, to the seller or to the following address:

Buffet Crampon, 5 rue Maurice Berteaux 78711 Mantes-la-Ville – France

The instrument transport to the repair location and its return are made at the sole risk of the client. As a consequence, costs and risks for loss or damages during transports are not covered by the contractual guarantee.

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