The W. Schreiber D10 clarinet is the perfect instrument for early instrument learning. The C-tuned instrument was developed in collaboration with an experienced teacher.
It offers children as young as 6 years old the ideal start to music making.
Following the research program titled “An Instrument for Every Child” initiated by the Federal Education and Research Ministry, all schools in North Rhine – Westphalia (the Ruhr area) and Hamburg now begin instrumental classes from the first year of elementary school.

The W. Schreiber C clarinet satisfies all the criteria for young players learning the clarinet. The instrument has a compact and simple construction. The supplied ESM Bb clarinet mouthpiece permits the use of all current Bb clarinet reeds.

Furthermore, the child learns the right embouchure immediately, and can thus effortlessly change over to a Bb clarinet later on. The instrument’s bore and tone-hole design provide easy response with minimal expenditure of breath.

The extra silver plating of the solid nickel silver keys prevents nickel allergies. The special shape of the ring keys and the position of the keys provide optimal playing feel for the young beginner.

Technical specifications

  • Key : C
  • Pitch : 443 Hz
  • Wood : Selected grenadilla wood
  • Keywork : 15/4, with compact keywork
  • Upper joint : 2 ring keys / 2 trill keys
  • Lower joint : 2 ring keys
  • Keywork finish : silver plated finish
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