A high quality Instrument in Bb and A, with a body made of fine-grained grenadilla wood selected by our master craftsmen.

The D51 clarinet has a complete Oehler mechanism and pads of first class goatskin leather.

Airtightness is thus optimised and the notes speak particularly easily. A further advantage of this model is the evenly balanced sound in all registers.

An excellent instrument with distinctive sonic and technical properties – also ideal for big bands.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Pitch : 443/445 Hz
  • Wood : Selected grenadilla wood
  • Upper joint : 3 ring keys, 4 trill keys, high forked Bb, automatic twelfth key, double C key
  • Lower joint : 2 ring keys, 1 ring cover, 4 rollers, forked F, B-C#-trill key, Eb- and F lever, High E mechanism
  • Bell : With ring
  • Keywork finish : Nickel silver, extra thick silver plating, cold-forged
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