With its warm, round and a full sound, this clarinet fulfills the highest requirements of professional musicians.

The D61’s excellent acoustic and technical properties allow the soloist to express all his individual musical expertise.

The instrument comes with two mouthpieces in a prestige case.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Pitch : 443 / 445 Hz
  • Keywork finish : Nickel silver, extra thick silver-plating, cold-forged
  • Upper joint : 3 ring keys, 4 trill keys, forked high Bb, automatic twelfth key, double C key
  • Lower joint : 2 ring keys, 1 covered ring, 4 Rollers, forked F, disconnectable B -C# trill keys, improved low E and F with disconnectable thumb lever
  • Mouthpiece : 2
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